Cherry Blossom Festival Kicked Off at Kunming Zoo

As the weather is getting warm, it is a good time to enjoy flowers outside. From March 1 to April 9, the 23rd Cherry Blossom Festival will be held at Kunming Zoo. More than 10 activities, including the opening ceremony, intangible cultural heritage exhibition, dance competition, etc. bring visitors a new experience of an immersive appreciation of flowers.


Photo by JUMAR. 

This Cherry Blossom Festival is organized by Kunming Municipal Forestry and Parks Bureau and hosted online and offline by Kunming Zoo. Visitors are invited to enjoy flowers, visit parks and eat delicious food.


Photo by He Sheng.

The best place to admire cherry blossoms is in the middle of Kunming Zoo. The landscape area is about 100 meters wide from north to south and 200 meters long from east to west. With the help of scientific management and suitable temperature, cherry blossoms and hall crabapples grow strongly this year. At present, more than 2,000 carefully cultivated cherry blossoms and hall crabapples in the park have entered the early blooming period. Clusters of pink flowers are hanging on the branches, creating a beautiful picture of spring against the blue sky.


Photo by He Sheng. 

Although the cherry blossoms are not yet in full bloom, they have already attracted many visitors. Ms. Wang, a tourist, said that she would come to Yuantong Mountain (Kunming Zoo) to see cherry blossoms every March. She came with friends and planed to take several photos today. "The cherry blossoms of Yuantong Mountain are known by almost everyone in Kunming." Mr. Zhou, who attended the opening ceremony for the first time, said that he would come to see the cherry blossom every year. The on-site photography exhibition of Black-and-white snub-nosed monkey and intangible cultural heritage made the festival more interesting and attractive.


Photo by Te Keli. 

It is expected that the cherry blossoms will come into full bloom around March 8, which will last for one month. This year, the florescence of cherry blossom and hall crabapples are quite close. Visitors will see two kinds of flourishing flowers at the same time at Kunming Zoo. During the Cherry Blossom Festival, a series of activities including intangible cultural heritage display, wildlife conservation knowledge promotion, ice cream sales and so on will be held in the park until April 9.

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