Creative Yunnan Culture Industries Expo Opens

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On October 20th, the Creative Yunnan Culture Industries Expo with the theme "Colorful Intangible Cultural Heritage: Inheritance and Innovation" (hereinafter referred to as the "expo") officially opened at the Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center in Kunming. Don't miss out on this expo running until October 24th, featuring over 50 events, including the "Night of Intangible Cultural Heritage" performance, the opening ceremony, keynote forums, an intangible cultural heritage fair, cultural digital exhibitions, themed activity days, and sub-venue activities.




The Shicui International Folk Art Park is one of the sub-venues of this expo. The enterprises within the park have adorned themselves with a fresh look, and all preparations to welcome the expo have been completed. The staff at Banxilong Metal Art Life Museum have placed carefully selected exhibition pieces in prominent positions.

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Zhao Xueyi, the owner of Banxilong Metal Art Life Museum, said, "This year, we have developed some new products. These tin-core lacquer hand-carved products, specifically created for this expo, will be showcased. Additionally, during the expo, we have also prepared some activities where visitors can come and experience live demonstrations and creations at our booth."


The Transparent Glass Studio is preparing to showcase a significant intangible cultural heritage project, the art of glass lampworking. This traditional craftsmanship involves heating glass tubes or rods at high temperatures using a flame and shaping them with tools such as pliers. It is also known as "liaoqi" and is recognized as a national-level intangible cultural heritage.

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Wang Da, the owner of the Transparent Glass Studio, stated, "This intangible cultural heritage has a history of over 2,000 years. During this expo, we plan to organize five experiential activities to allow more people to engage and understand it."

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Shicui International Folk Art Park actively collaborates with traditional Chinese artisans, with each artisan having their own "brand" to infuse traditional objects with modern aesthetics and breathe new life into them. The park not only showcases intangible cultural heritage projects such as silverware, tinware, and cloisonné enamel, but also hosts creative markets featuring coffee, Pu'er tea, Guqin (a traditional Chinese musical instrument), floral art, as well as ethnic handicraft workshops and art exhibition halls. During the expo, the park will use innovation, culture, artifacts, and a variety of engaging activities to showcase the "treasures of Yunnan."

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It is understood that this expo has set up eight sub-venues, including Park 1903, Nanping Pedestrian Street, and Dounan Flower Market. Throughout the expo, each sub-venue will host a diverse range of activities, such as exhibitions of traditional culture and craft-based creative products, thematic exhibitions of Yunnan publications, and immersive experiences of local lifestyles.

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