Embrace the Essence of Kunming's Autumn Splendor

Exploring the outdoors: 

the perfect way to embrace autumn in Kunming.

Kunming is not only a place beautiful enough,

but also a destination where people can enjoy life.

Strolling through this historically rich city, 

stepping into an old bookstore, 

encountering a stray cat—

such experiences immerse you

in the authentic essence of life.


Kunming's autumn begins when the gingko leaves at Cuihu Park slowly turn yellow, and under the gentle sunshine, everything appears so tender. @Xiaozhangtongxue in Yunnan 

On this autumn day, 

let us venture out to Kunming, 

hand in hand with friends 

who cherish the vitality of existence.

Open your door and 

step into the embrace of the outdoors, 

as we engage with the unnoticed nooks

and crannies of the city, 

and silently enjoy the charm of nature.

Even in the autumn and winter seasons, this "City of Eternal Spring" is filled with warm and humid air, resembling an "outdoor paradise."


As a resident of Kunming, I am captivated by autumn here for good. @Jinyan

The "Yak Forest" is not only a forest campsite but also a specialized forest school in Kunming. According to Zhang Yihua, the organizer, the campsite offers various outdoor activities such as camping, hiking and rock climbing, all taking place within a 4,000-mu pristine forest.


Yak Forest in Kunming offers a variety of outdoor activities such as camping, hiking and rock climbing. @Yak Forest

For this purpose, they have made thorough preparations. For instance, in the tree climbing activity, the team leaders have arranged in advance to bring equipment such as ropes, conducting comprehensive safety checks. Walkie-talkies, first aid kits, lunches, and other supplies are also prepared. Their approach of "experts guiding beginners" aims to bring outdoor sports closer to ordinary people.

Zhang Yihua mentioned that Kunming enjoys a favorable climate, allowing water activities like stream tracing to be carried out from February to around November. Additionally, the vast expanse of pristine forest is a local highlight. By hiking and indulging in playful activities amidst nature, one can truly experience the joy of escaping the bustling city life, answering the call of the wild and reconnecting with the essence of nature.

Moon Valley, located in Yiliang County at the northeastern end of Kunming, is a "must-visit" destination for stream tracing, hiking, and camping. Descending along the stone steps to the valley floor, a meandering stream flows through the canyon, splitting into camping sites on both banks.


Moon Valley is a "must-visit" destination for stream tracing, hiking, and camping in Kunming. @Qingmo 

Walking through the valley, crossing cliff walls, and listening to the murmuring of flowing water and chirping insects, this place has been praised by netizens as an "extraterrestrial planet reachable without leaving Kunming."

Arriving at Xishan Maomaoqing, following the road to the cliff, one can behold a panoramic view of Kunming City, Dianchi Lake, Daqing Mountain, and Taiping XinCheng. Bathed in the soft orange hue of the setting sun, Dianchi Lake resembles a massive translucent glass fragment. Climbing up the nearby hill, one can even catch sight of the sharp stone forest, a unique geological feature of Yunnan.

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Tourists admire black-headed gulls at Haigeng Park. Photo by Chen Xinbo from Xinhua 

As the weather turns cooler, black-headed gulls from Siberia fly over half of China, wintering in Kunming. With paddleboards in hand, they glide across the Dianchi Lake. To the left, the Twin Towers; to the right, the "Sleeping Beauty" of Xishan. A group of black-headed gulls flies overhead. A user from RED exclaims, "This is the correct way to embrace winter in Kunming and Dianchi Lake!"

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